Metron AS markedsfører, selger automatiseringsutstyr og feltinstrumenter. Dette inkluderer byråvirksomhet for anerkjente produkter fra produsenter med verdensomspennende distribusjonsnett.

Magnetic Level Switches M
For liquids

Contact: max. 4 reed switches
Connection: G ⅛ … G 2 male thread, flange DN50 … DN125, 1½ … 4″
Material: brass, stainless steel, PVC-U, PP, PVDF, NBR
pmax: 100 bar
tmax: 150°C
Liquid density: from 0.5 g/ml

Dual Magnet Float Level Switch NGS
For liquids

Contact: 1 micro switch
Connection: square flange, G 2, 2″ NPT
DIN-flange: DN80, DN100
Material: stainless steel 1.4571
pmax: 25 bar
tmax: 250°C
Liquid density: from 0.7 g/ml

Conductive Level Switch (WHG) NEW
For conductive liquids

Contact: 2 contacts via relays
G ½, G 1½ male thread, ½” NPT, ½” NPT male thread
Material: stainless steel, Hastelloy®, titanium
pmax: pressureless
tmax: 60°C
For conductive liquids (>20 μS/cm)

Optical Level Sensor OPT
For liquids

Contact: 1 open collector
Connection: G ½ male thread, M14
Material: polypropylene, stainless steel
pmax: 10 bar
tmax: 80°C

Ultrasonic Level Meter NUS-4

Measuring range: liquids up to 25 m, solids up to 10 m
Connection: G 1½ , G2, 1½” NPT, 2″ NPT male thread,
flange DN80, 125, 150, ANSI 3″,5″,6″
Material connection: polypropylene
pmax: 3 bar abs.
tmax: 90°C
Accuracy: ±0.2 % of reading ±0.05 % of full scale
Power supply: 12 – 36 VDC, 2-wire
Output: 4 – 20 mA, relay
LCD-indication and programming unit


Contact: Managing Director

Colin Cook
E-post: colin@metron.as
Tel: +47 48 35 23 49