Metron AS markedsfører, selger automatiseringsutstyr og feltinstrumenter. Dette inkluderer byråvirksomhet for anerkjente produkter fra produsenter med verdensomspennende distribusjonsnett.

Temperature Switch TWR

Switch point fixed:
+30 … +120°C (in 5°C or 10°C steps)
Connection: G ¾ male thread, brass or stainless steel
Electrical connection: plug DIN 43 650
30 … 90°C ±5°C
100 … 120°C ±7°C
Hysteresis: max. 20°C

Thermal Reed Switches TRS

Switch points:
+10 … +120°C (5°C or 10°C intervals) fixed
G ¼ … G 1 male thread, brass or stainless steel
Electrical connection: cable
Tolerance: ±5°C
Resetting hysteresis: ≤10°C

Temperature Switch-Digital TDD-1,-3,-5,-7

Switch points: -20 … +125°C, adjustable
G ½, G ¾ male thread, ½”, ¾” NPT stainless steel
Indication: 3-digit LED
Electrical connection: plug M12 x 1 or cable
Supply: 24 VDC
Contact: 1 or 2 semiconductors PNP/NPN,
N/O or N/C adjustable
Accuracy: ±0.5°C (-10 … +85°C)

Resistance Thermometers for harsh operational conditions TNK

For diesel engines in railway or ship building

Measuring range: -80 … +150°C
G ½, ½” NPT, M18 x1.5, compression fitting
brass, saltwater resistant bronze, stainless steel
Sensor: Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100, 2, 3 or 4 lead

Thermostats for industrial Applications TER

Switching range:
-20 … +20 … +80 … +130°C, adjustable
Material: aluminum (housing)
copper, brass or stainless steel (probe)
Micro switch:
SPDT max. 250 VAC, 8 (5) A at 250 VAC, 8 A at 24 VDC

Stationary Pyrometers
Cella Temp PA Series

With its wide variety of options and models, this pyrometer series offers unmatched versatility, whether you require a two-colour (ratio) or one-colour (spectral) measuring technique. Features include: through-the-lens sighting or laser target marker. Signal processing options include analogue output, digital interface, USB and RS 485.

Stationary Pyrometers
CellaTemp® PK Series

The radiation thermometers CellaTemp® PK Series detect the infrared radiation emitted by an object and convert it into a temperature. The detected temperature is displayed and transmitted to the analogue output for further processing. A unique combination of analogue and digital linearization features provides the CellaTemp® PK with a high-resolution signal processing unit. Therefore, even with wide measuring ranges, the sensor has a very high-temperature resolution while its noise equivalent temperature difference is extremely low. The infrared thermometer supplies stable measurement readings even when the response times are extremely short and the measured temperatures are low. The single-colour infrared thermometers of the CellaTemp® PK series are the world’s first pyrometers equipped with the industrial 4.0 interface IO-Link

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